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. >>> to the presidential race now. a marathon day on the campaign trail. president obama has just voted in chicago. she was in tampa, florida, at 7:00 this morning. and still has miles to go before he sleeps. the president is set to leave chicago in about an hour for a campaign affair in cleveland. there's a new "washington post" abc news poll that shows mitt romney edging ahead of president obama. 50% to 47%. the president made a stop in virginia today, northern virginia bureau chief julie carey spoke to voters there about who they think will win in november. >> you may notice that my voice sounds just a little hoarse. we are right in the middle of our 48-hour fly-around campaign extravaganza. >> reporter: by the time he reached bird park, the president's two-day fly-around to six battleground states is already taking a toll on his voice. this crowd of 15,000 was one of the biggest in virginia this campaign season. there was no new material in mr. obama's speech. with 12 days to go, this rally was all about asking supporters for their votes, and asking them to redouble their efforts to get others to t
of our own has become a theme song played at all the obama rallies. >> later he explained why he is taking an active role in these final weeks of the campaign. >> i'm here today because i've lived long enough to know that despite those galvanizing moments in history, the future is rarely a tide rushing in. it is more often a slow, slow march. inch by inch. >> reporter: most who came to the rally were already president obama supporters. analysts say with the toss-up right now and recent momentum turning romney's way, these events can make a difference. >> i think maybe it has an impact in material of drawing people into the system and reminding peel to vote even if you have an opinion, get out to the polls. i think it is something that needs to be emphasized. >> reporter: while spring steep was working to lock down votes, a high profile romney surrogate, governor mcdonnell was campaigning in northern virginia. he called the debate comments about naval strength insulting to service members. >> what i think the president said last night was an insult to the members of the united sta
is too close to call. president obama will travel more than 5,000 miles today alone. steve handelsmans on capitol hill now with more on the candidates' travels. >> reporter: jim, thanks, good evening. the polls are so close now, that all kinds of combinations of wins in the swing states, like virginia, could produce a victory. and so the candidates are trying to hit all the battlegrounds. mitt romney and paul ryan swing state tours started in colorado. they split up. romney going to nevada. where he trails by three points. but claimed he's closing on the president. >> he's out of ideas, and out of excuses, and in november you'll put him out of office. >> reporter: ryan went to ohio, where he and romney closed a five-point gap to one. >> mitt romney and i believe in true compassion in upward mobility. >> reporter: colorado could be key. last night outside denver, thousands cheered the republican ticket. the obama lead in this state has disappeared. to slow the slide, barack obama will visit five swing states. >> we're going to pull an all-nighter. >> reporter: starting in iowa, where hi
michelle obama is scheduled to speak in las vegas tonight. >>> former senator george mcgovern will be buried privately in washington. today his family and friends and colleagues bid him farewell in sioux falls, south dakota. he served three terms in the senate. and in his attempt at the presidency was defeated by richard nixon in a land slide in 1972. mcgovern died sunday at the age of 90. >>> no campaign stops in virginia today for president obama or mitt romney. but the two candidates won't stay away for long. julie carey reports now, governor romney had someone campaigning for him today in fairfax county. >> reporter: four years ago senator john mccain was waging his own battle to become president. >> mitt romney understands like ronald reagan did. >> reporter: in 2012, he has a less demanding but still busy campaign schedule as a surrogate for mitt romney and senate candidates locked in tight races around the country. defense issues he believes could shift romney's way. mccain knows well about a weapon held by the obama campaign. >> we can count on the obama voter tu
be a high drama showdown. president obama arrived in florida trailing by 2% in this battleground, down five points since the first debate. >> i now believe florida could easily go for romney. >> reporter: nationally now it's a die. turnout could be key. >> if the president can get the enthusiasm from hispanics and young voters, he can win re-election. >> reporter: mitt romney is hoping to enthuse his backers in tonight's clash on foreign policy. he's sure to press on libya, charging the president tried to cover up an al qaeda attack. and an iranian nuclear weapons, romney will vow to be tough but not rush to war. president obama will point out he killed osama bin laden, and ended the war in iraq. and a new nbc poll finds by 46% to 38%, voters feel mr. obama would better handle foreign policy in the future than mr. romney. in lauderdale by the sea, a county barack obama won easily in 2008, rob said he'll vote for the president again. >> it's difficult to imagine people who have not made up their mind. >> reporter: julianne hasn't decided. >> i just want the economy to go up, up, up. >> repor
. president obama hasn't scratched any events yet, but air force one is changing its flight schedule, and vice president biden cancelled a sunday stop in virginia beach. >>> still ahead tonight, a silent salute for a police officer killed in prince georges county. >>> plus, we're continuing to update sandy. >> reporter: as the threat of sandy becomes more real for residents in rehoboth beach, citizens prepare for the worst. i'm erikaerica gonzalez, more c up. >>> search nbc washington weather in itunes or the android market. anncr: seven-hundred-thousand jobs. that's what the plan george allen supports... would cost our economy. newspapers called it "economically destructive." like allen's votes to give tax breaks to companies... that ship jobs overseas, his economic plan would... help big corporations, devastating the middle class. allen even voted against tax breaks for small businesses. virginia can't afford to go back to george allen. the democratic senatorial campaign committee... is responsible for the content of this advertising. >>> family, friends and fellow officers celebrated the li
lost that election to richard nixon, of course, in a landslide. president obama released a statement reading in part today, george mcgovern dedicated his life to serving the country he loved. when the people of south dakota sent him to washington, this hero of war became a champion for peace. >>> it's been two months since thomas maz lan was brutally beaten on his way home from a nationals game. he is still in the hospital. today the community came together to raise money for his family and learn a little bit about safety. darcy spencer is live tonight. i understand his wife was at the event overwhelmed by the community support. >> reporter: certainly was. that victim was walking home, as you said, right in this little park across the street from where we are now. his wife has been dealing with so much since that time. her hshd is in the hospital. they have a young son. she says it's the community outpouring that's keeping her going. >> just want to give you a hug. >> hi. >> hi. >> reporter: it's been two months since beabby husband was robbed and brutally beaten in the eastern marke
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7